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S21 E6, Mark McCullough repairs sandstone steps

How to Repair Sandstone Steps

Mason Mark McCullough helps a homeowner solve an issue with a crumbling sandstone veneer on their front steps, improving the safety and curb appeal of their home.


How to Install Precast Concrete Steps

Mason Mark McCullough helps a homeowner remove his crumbling stone steps. Then, he tours a factory to learn how precast concrete steps are made and helps install a set at the homeowner’s house.

How to build a fire in a fireplace

How to Build a Fire in a Fireplace

Ask This Old House mason Mark McCullough demonstrates the best way to build a fire in order to prevent smoke from filling up the room.

S21 E4, Mark McCullough discusses chimeny repair with Kevin O’Connor

How to Make Common Chimney Repairs

Mason Mark McCullough shows host Kevin O’Connor some common issues with brick chimneys and how to repair them.

S21 E3, Mark McCullough installs cobblestone driveway edging

How to Install Cobblestone Driveway Edging

Mason Mark McCullough helps a homeowner keep her driveway from washing away by replacing an old, ineffective brick edging with big, bulky cobblestone.

S21 E2, Mark McCullough talks about brick patterns

A Simple Guide to Brick Patterns

Mason Mark McCullough teaches host Kevin O’Connor about the different brick patterns homeowners can choose for their walls or walkways.

S20 E39, Mark McCullough repairs an outdoor pizza oven

How to Repair an Outdoor Pizza Oven

This Old House Mason Mark McCullough shows a homeowner how to breathe new life into their outdoor brick and stone pizza oven.


How to Restore a Colonial-Era Beehive Oven

Ask This Old House mason Mark McCullough explains the history and function of Colonial-era beehive ovens and then restores one in a house built in 1750.

S20 E38, Mark McCullough discusses masonry finishes

Masonry Finishes for Brick and Concrete

Mason Mark McCullough teaches us everything we need to know about sealing, protecting, and beautifying masonry surfaces.


How to Whitewash Brick with Masonry Supplies

Ask This Old House mason Mark McCullough demonstrates a way to whitewash brick with masonry materials