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In this video, learn how to properly load a brush, cut a straight line, and use tape only as a guide.

TIP 1: Load a brush by dipping the bristles half way into the paint and tapping them on the inside of the bucket. For easier cleaning after the job, first dip the bristles in the solvent that is the base of your paint—water for latex and mineral spirits for oil—before painting. This will keep the bristles at the ferrule from drying out before you can clean them.

TIP 2: To cut in a straight line, press the tips of the bristles against the wall just enough to arch them but not enough to paint with the sides of the bristles. The slight pressure delivers the paint stored between the bristles to the tip of the brush and onto the wall.

TIP 3: Use painter's tape as a guide, cutting-in along its edge. Once you getting the hang of cutting-in, ditch the tape and try a metal edge guard, keeping it clean as you work.

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