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  1. Every paintbrush has a specific purpose that generally fall into the following categories:
  2. Brush material – natural hair (or China bristle) brushes are good for oil based paints, synthetic hair brushes are good for water based (latex) paints but also work with just about anything, and foam brushes are good for one-time use touchups.
  3. Angle – angled brushes are good for cutting around doors and windows, and flat brushes are good for large, flat surfaces.
  4. Size – pick the size brush that most closely fits the size of the surface you’re painting to avoid stroke marks.
  5. Quality – even though they are more expensive, pick a high quality paintbrush. It will last long and it won’t leave hairs behind in the paint like low quality brushes do.

Paintbrushes can be found at home centers and painting supply stores.