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The entire AskTOH team was on hand recently for a special Live Q&A marking the final day of filming for the current season of Ask—creating a great opportunity for Insiders to pose questions about any problematic part of the house or yard.

One Insider asked painting contractor Mauro Henrique whether painting a brick fireplace can ever be undone (it’s very difficult to remove the paint, so be sure it’s what you want); another Insider asked Ross and Richard Trethewey about water line shutoff sensors (one new product has sensors for flow, pressure, and temperature, and will shut off the line and send an alert to your phone); and a curious Insider asked Tom Silva for more info about installing crown molding in corners above kitchen cabinets (for corner returns, Tom’s tips include using a small grinder).

Particularly engaging were the responses the team gave when an Insider asked how they had gotten into the trades, with Richard telling of his grandfather’s decision to start a plumbing business in 1902, and Nathan Gilbert describing following in his father’s and grandfather’s footsteps.

Being able to get advice directly from the TOH experts is one of the biggest benefits of Insider membership. There’s also the chance to attend a Live Q&A session, an opportunity open only on occasion and only to Insiders, such as the event when Insiders visited the Ask This Old House studio. Keep an eye on the Insider Events page for opportunities to come.