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New Orleans Rebuilds Video Portrait: Rashida Ferdinand

Two years after Katrina, New Orleans rebuilds, and homeowners struggle to get back in their homes

Rashida Ferdinand is coming home—to the banks of the Mississippi that flows by her house, breathing life in to her home, connecting with it.

When describing the blessing of being on the river and its energy, Rashida's voice soars and her gestures and body become that of a dancer. She sways and swirls, celebrating her beloved neighbor.

A self described "local girl," a 4th-generation inhabitant of the Lower Ninth Ward, Rashida is coming home, not only to her shotgun house, but to be a part of her beloved neighborhood. Where else would her sweet neighbor remind her when her grass gets a little too high? Where else would she be able to stroll from her workshop in the backyard to sit on her front stoop, gazing at the Mississippi and order up a Sno-ball from the Sno-ball lady parked at her curb. Why would you ever leave?

David Vos

Senior Producer/Director

This Old House

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