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New Orleans Rebuilds Video Portrait: Shannan Cvitanovic

Two years after Katrina, New Orleans homeowners struggle to rebuild

Shannan epitomizes the best of what will rebuild New Orleans: the ability to see both

inspiration and renewal in disaster. Her quaint home that faces a streetcar depot has been in the family for years. After the post-Katrina curfew was lifted, she was finally allowed back into the neighborhood to see how her house had faired.

The first thing she noticed was how the old metal awning that used to sit over her porch's delicate gingerbread fretwork had been unceremoniously ripped off and dumped into the middle of the street by Katrina.

Shannon had never seen the front of her house look so lovely. It's a brutal way to go about home improvement, but Shannan is happy to be home for good.

David Vos

Senior Producer/Director

This Old House

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