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All About Brick Pavers

Durable and low maintenance with timeless good looks, these clay blocks may be a smart choice for your next hardscaping project.

Family Rock Hunting Activity | This Old House: Live

Our in-house rock enthusiast, Mason Mark McCullough, has the perfect activity for families while they are at home: go on a rock scavenger hunt! Download our printable guide and start rock hunting.

How Mount Rushmore was Created

Ask This Old House mason Mark McCullough learns about how Mount Rushmore was built.

What's Their Story? Facade Fragments

Learn the history behind shapely architectural ruins

All About Stone Veneer

Thanks to lightweight veneers, it gets easier by the day to dress up a room or the whole darn house

4 Inexpensive Retaining Wall Ideas

We rounded up our best retaining wall ideas so you can plan your DIY landscaping project.

8 Great Patterns for a Pebble Mosaic

Swirls, clovers, and starbursts turn ordinary stones into a landscape focal point

Add Exterior Style with Chimney Pots

A sure-fire way to add curb appeal without breaking the bank—or your back

History of Grotesques and Gargoyles

Find out what makes them so significant, and spooky