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5 Best Small TVs (2022 Review)

While large televisions provide a theater-like viewing experience, small TVs are more portable and affordable. Read on to learn about our Amazon recommendations for the best small TVs.

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In This Guide: TCL Roku Smart TV | Tyler 14-Inch Portable TV | INSIGNIA 24-Inch Fire TV | MILANIX Portable Widescreen LED TV | INSIGNIA 42-Inch Fire TV | Buyer’s Guide | Enhancing Your Viewing Experience With a Small TV | FAQs

If you’re looking for a source of entertainment that can fit in tight spots around your home, small TVs are your answer. Though you don’t get as big of a picture as larger TVs, smaller models are easy to transport from room to room as well as easy to fit in novel locations, such as in an outdoor kitchen. To help you find the right model for you, the This Old House Reviews Team researched the best small TVs. Here are our top picks.

Top 5 Small TVs

Discover our top recommendations for the best small TVs on Amazon:

Compare Top Small TVs

Product Resolution Refresh Rate HDMI Ports Weight Dimensions
Product Resolution Refresh Rate HDMI Ports Weight Dimensions
TCL Roku Smart TV 720p 60 Hz 3 8.2 pounds 28.8 x 7.1 x 18.9 inches
Tyler 14-Inch Portable TV 1080p Not listed 1 4.7 pounds ‎15.7 x 11.4 x 6.3 inches
INSIGNIA 24-Inch Fire TV 720p 60 Hz 3 6.4 pounds 7.1 x 21.7 x 14.4 inches
MILANIX Portable Widescreen LED TV 1080p Not listed 1 2.7 pounds 11 x 5 x 7 inches
INSIGNIA 42-Inch Fire TV 1080p 60 Hz 3 20.2 pounds ‎37.4 x 23.5 x 8.7 inches

Best 32-Inch TV: TCL Roku Smart TV

TCL Roku Smart TV 32S335

TCL Roku Smart TV

  • $140
  • $230
  • 40% off

Prices taken at time of publishing.

While this small TV comes with a remote, it also offers built-in voice control. This capability allows the viewer to launch applications or switch channels on demand. Additionally, it provides three HDMI ports for connecting your gaming consoles and other entertainment devices as well as 720p crystal clear resolution.

Courtesy Amazon

Pros and Cons

✔ Includes leg stands to set up the TV without a wall mount
✔ Has six inputs, including three HDMI ports
✔ Offers a generous screen size that’s still small enough to occupy minimal space

✘ Has a lower resolution display than other small TVs at 720 pixels (p)
✘ Has sensitive buttons on the remote control

What Customers Are Saying

Overall, customers thought that this TV was the perfect size for their needs—large enough for a solid viewing experience but compact enough for a tight space. They also said that it was a solid price, especially considering its smart features. Critical feedback mentioned longevity issues. Other users said that the TV didn’t respond if the remote control wasn’t perfectly lined up with the screen.

Best For Mobile Workspaces: Tyler 14-Inch Portable TV

Tyler 14-Inch Portable TV with Rechargeable Lithium Battery

Tyler 14-Inch Portable TV

  • $135
  • $150
  • 11% off

Prices taken at time of publishing.

This small TV sports a full 1080p display and both USB and HDMI ports. It comes with wall and car chargers to help you power its battery no matter where you are, and it can last up to four hours on a full charge. This product also includes a collapsible TV stand for easy viewing.

Courtesy Amazon

Pros and Cons

✔ Runs on a built-in battery that lasts for up to four hours on a single charge
✔ Compatible with streaming devices
✔ Has illuminated side buttons to control or adjust the screen at night

✘ Takes a considerable amount of time to charge the battery
✘ Rests on an unstable TV platform

What Customers Are Saying

Happy customers appreciated that they could take this compact 14-inch TV on the road, in the yard, and virtually anywhere else without needing immediate access to an outlet. On the other hand, some users complained about how slow charging the battery was.

Best 24-Inch TV: INSIGNIA 24-Inch Fire TV

INSIGNIA 24-Inch Fire TV F20 Series

INSIGNIA 24-Inch Fire TV

  • $80
  • $170
  • 53% off

Prices taken at time of publishing.

This 24-inch television is small enough to fit on nightstands, dressers, and other pieces of furniture, eliminating the need to mount it to a wall. It comes with built-in Fire TV, so users can log into their favorite streaming services in a matter of minutes. It also includes a voice-activated remote.

Courtesy Amazon

Pros and Cons

✔ Connects to Wi-Fi for smart features
✔ Includes three HDMI inputs and one USB port
✔ Has a suitable picture quality for the money

✘ Doesn’t have volume controls on the side of the frame
✘ Has complaints about a slow user interface

What Customers Are Saying

Customers gave this HD TV a high rating based on its simplicity and compact size. Some buyers were also able to use this small TV as a computer monitor with its HD resolution and HDMI inputs. Negatively, some users complained about the slowness of the TV. They also said that it randomly rebooted during TV shows.

Most Portable: MILANIX Portable Widescreen LED TV

MILANIX Portable Widescreen LED TV with HDMI, VGA, MMC

MILANIX Portable Widescreen LED TV

  • $80

Prices taken at time of publishing.

This mini TV includes USB and HDMI ports, allowing you to connect an Amazon Firestick, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, or Roku TV to stream movies and shows. Additionally, this TV is available in smaller screen sizes to fit your setting and viewing needs.

Courtesy Amazon

Pros and Cons

✔ Has a built-in digital tuner to receive local TV channels
✔ Weighs less than three pounds
✔ Includes seven inputs for versatility

✘ Comes with a bulky, outdated remote control
✘ Has a small eight-inch screen size

What Customers Are Saying

Satisfied users of this eight-inch TV appreciated its compact and portable size. They also said that its multiple inputs were handy. Alternatively, a few customers found the image quality to be poor.

Best Resolution: INSIGNIA 42-Inch Fire TV

INSIGNIA 42-Inch Fire TV 1080p

INSIGNIA 42-Inch Fire TV

  • $179
  • $269
  • 34% off

Prices taken at time of publishing.

At 42 inches, this smart TV is perfect for homeowners who want the feeling of a big screen without the weight or bulk of a large television. Its 1080p resolution provides users with clarity and detail, but it also has appropriate dimensions for bedrooms or smaller townhome living rooms.

Courtesy Amazon

Pros and Cons

✔ Arrives in discreet and protective packaging
✔ Features DTS TruSurround audio for immersive sound without a separate soundbar
✔ Includes Amazon Alexa voice control

✘ Doesn’t have as lightweight or compact of a build as other small TVs in this review
✘ Costs a lot for a smaller TV

What Customers Are Saying

Customers left positive reviews for this LCD TV based on its good picture quality, easy setup, and overall value. However, some users complained that the red power light on the TV wouldn’t shut off. A few also reported malfunctions with certain streaming apps.

Buying Guide for Small TVs

A small TV allows you to watch your favorite shows and movies when you’re on the go or in a room with limited space. Before you make a purchase, consider these factors that influence the user experience and performance of a small TV.

Power Source

Because they’re lightweight and portable, many small TVs run on a variety of power sources. While most models come with the traditional AC/DC power adapter, some also have a car adapter. Others use a rechargeable battery for cordless viewing.


A TV’s resolution is measured by the number of individual pixels (p) it produces, with more pixels creating a sharper image. Most small TVs produce picture resolutions of 720p (HD) or 1080p (Full HD). While these resolutions are decent, they’re not as good as the 8K or 4K resolutions on larger TVs.

Built-In Technology

Despite their size, some small TVs use Bluetooth or Wi-Fi technology to offer you a full array of built-in features. For example, they may include a built-in operating system that navigates Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and other entertainment apps. Or, they could have a built-in voice assistant, such as Amazon Alexa, Samsung Bixby, or Google Assistant, for hands-free control.


Small TVs usually offer a combination of HDMI, ethernet, and USB ports. Consider the external devices you want to use before you purchase a model. For example, if you’re a gamer who wants to connect an Xbox, PlayStation, and laptop, you need at least three ports.

Refresh Rate

The refresh rate refers to the number of times per second a TV’s image changes. This is measured in hertz (Hz), with most TVs having refresh rates between 60 and 120 Hz. The higher the refresh rate, the less motion blurring you notice as you’re watching sporting events and other fast-paced shows and movies.

Enhancing Your Viewing Experience With a Small TV

With the rise of 85-inch TVs, even televisions as large as 55 or 60 inches are starting to look small. If you opt for a “small” TV, you can still enjoy an immersive viewing experience at home. Here are some tips and tricks to help you make the most out of this TV:

  • Use a wall mount with extending arms. Small TVs are lightweight, making them easy to mount to walls. A wall mount with arms that extend multiple feet offers more flexibility because you can bring the screen closer to where you’re sitting when you’re watching it and push against the wall when you’re done.
  • Sit closer. Although sitting directly in front of a TV can cause eye strain, you may want to position your couch, chair, or bed a few feet closer—if possible—to your TV. Placement is an important part of integrating your TV into your space.

Adjust the aspect ratio to fill the entire screen. Many older TV shows and movies were filmed using a 4:3 aspect ratio to conform to the square size of televisions at that time. As most televisions, including smaller models, are rectangular these days, you can adjust this setting to “stretch the screen.”

Frequently Asked Questions About Small TVs

Can you buy a small smart TV?

Yes. Smart TVs with built-in streaming apps and services are available in all sizes. If you want your small TV to work right out of the box without configuring a satellite, cable box, or streaming device, we recommend purchasing a smart model.

Who needs a small TV?

We recommend a small TV if the layout of your space means that you have to sit close to the screen. Small TVs are also useful for their portability, affordability, flexibility, and simplicity.

What is the smallest LED TV size?

Twenty-four inches is usually the smallest size you can find for LED televisions. This size is akin to a large computer monitor.

Where should I put a small TV?

Here are some popular places where you might put small TVs:

  • Bedroom
  • Kitchen
  • Garage
  • Outdoor living space
  • Camper
  • RV

What brands sell high-quality small TVs?

In addition to the brands in this review, we also recommend:

  • Sony
  • Vizio
  • Hisense
  • Toshiba
  • Samsung
  • LG

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