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3 Garden Rakes for Different Tasks

Whether you’re gathering leaves into a pile or leveling soil to prep for grass seed, a rake is an important part of fall yard maintenance. While they all require that trademark push-pull motion, many are task-specific. Here are three worth storing in your shed.

Leaf Hauler

A 26-inch-wide head pulls in a big pile all at once, and double the usual number of tines means less clogging while raking 45% faster. The durable plastic head and steel handle keep the heft down to a lightweight 3 pounds.

Dual Tine Poly Leaf Rake, $25; Ames.

The Dual Tine’s 8-inch-wide clip-on rake gets under shrubs when the larger rake can’t.


This one is designed to do a little bit of everything, from raking leaves to moving rocks and spreading mulch. It’s made with flexible, tapered metal tines, instead of ones made from stiff plastic.

Multipurpose lawn rake, available in December, $20; True Temper.

Classic Heavyweight

This design, often called a bow rake, hasn’t changed much over the years. The latest version has two sets of tines in two sizes: a full-size set to pull and level soil, and a row of stubbier ones to help with grading.

Double Play Bow Rake, $18; Ames.