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3 Simple Tools to Pick Up Fall Leaves

From leaf blowers to vacuums, we’ve used all kinds of products and technology to tackle this annual chore. Sometimes the best approach is well-designed, simple tools.

Types of Retaining Wall Materials

Read this guide to compare four different materials and approaches to decide how to build your retaining wall.

4 Inexpensive Retaining Wall Ideas

We rounded up our best retaining wall ideas so you can plan your DIY landscaping project.

9 Steps to a Lush Lawn

Want to create a lusher lawn? Read these tips from This Old House landscape contractor Roger Cook.

End-of-Summer Yard and Garden Cleanup Tips

Give your lawn and garden the care they need by removing debris, dividing crowded perennials, and adding mulch—so plants can come back stronger.

Everything to Know About Dog Doors

Entries right-sized for pets are easy for them to use—and convenient for their humans, too. Here’s how to install a dog door that’s safe and secure for you and your pet.

All About Plunge Pools

Wading in the water in a backyard meant having a massive swimming pool or settling for a scant hot tub. But plunge pools fill the middle ground, give a splash of fun, and offer relaxation in smaller yards.


Build It | How to Build a Chicken Coop

Use pressure-treated lumber and PVC trim to create a shelter designed by Tom Silva to keep predators at bay—and provide a source of fresh eggs right out your back door. You'll find the full, written step-by-step instructions (with diagrams and photos) under the video below

Creative Ways to Use Pet Crates and Gates in Your Home

Can you safely corral four-legged family members without undermining the look of your home? Absolutely.

How to Put Your Snow Blower to Bed

Here’s what to do now to ensure that your snow blower is ready for action next winter.