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How to Install a GPS-Enabled Smart Thermostat

Ask This Old House plumbing and heating contractor Richard Trethewey installs a thermostat that can be programmed automatically from a smart phone

Steps for installing a GPS-enabled smart thermostat

  1. Before doing any work, turn off power to the heating/cooling system.
  2. Disconnect and remove the old thermostat. If it contains mercury, it needs to be disposed of properly. Check local regulations for more information.
  3. Feed the wires through the thermostat, level the thermostat, and screw it to the wall.
  4. Use the app to help determine the correct wiring configuration for your system.
  5. Push the thermostat wires into the correct terminal.
  6. Attach the cover to the thermostat and configure through the app.


Richard travels to Pittsburgh to install a thermostat that interfaces with a smartphone to save energy and money.

Richard installed the Lyric thermostat, which is manufactured by Honeywell.

Expert assistance with this project was provided by Fire & Ice Heating & Cooling.