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How to Buy an HVAC System for Any Kind of Home

Consider design, comfort, and greater energy efficiency when installing a new HVAC system

Unico system installed in dining room The Unico System

When it comes to purchasing a new home or updating an older one, HVAC systems are often an overlooked part of the process—and it’s easy to see why.

It all comes down to the ducts. All central air systems use a maze of hidden ducts to deliver conditioned air to various rooms throughout the house. Conventional systems can require bulky buildouts that result in less-than-desirable aesthetics.

Smaller HVAC Systems Work for All Homes

Small Duct HVAC in Bungalow The Unico System

By contrast, small-duct, high-velocity (SDHV) methods are constructed of flexible tubes that can snake in and out of existing cavities, without having to gut your home for the job.

SDHV systems can be ideal if you’re renovating an older home or updating a custom build; they require less work and seamlessly fits into your home without sacrificing style.

Designed to fit in small, concealed spaces within homes and multi-tenant buildings, SDHV system air handlers can be installed directly into tight spaces like attics, crawlspaces, and mechanical closets. Air handlers include a combination of blower and cooling and/or heating coils.

Cool or Heat Your Home, Quietly

Unico HVAC outlets and tubing The Unico System

Be comfortable—without the noise. A small-duct system is whisper quiet because of its sound absorbing insulated supply tubing.

The tube’s core is made with nylon, which is then wrapped with vacuum sealed insulation to absorb sound, and finally wrapped with an outer vapor barrier to resist moisture diffusion and reduce thermal loss. The supply tubes are often referred to as sound attenuators, or duct silencers, due to their sound deadening properties.

The air handler is also insulated and uses pads to reduce vibration and add extra sound absorption.

Your HVAC choices significantly impact the amount of energy your home uses. Overcooling and conventional ductwork often account for the largest waste of energy in a home.

Traditional ducts are also prone to leaking, and since they’re typically located in unconditioned areas, like attics or basements, leaked, conditioned air is wasted in places of no benefit to the homeowner.

Waste Less Energy

A dad plays with his kids at home. The Unico System

Leaky metal ducts of traditional forced air systems reduce energy efficiency by as much as 40%. Compare that with the [flexible] insulated nylon supply tubing of small-duct systems, which is capable of achieving close to zero-percent leakage.

Sometimes you only need just so much—so why waste more? SDHV Inverter technology means that your system is programmed to use only the energy needed in the moment. On a mild day, when a home needs only 10% of a unit’s capacity for comfort, systems like Unico run at 10%, where other units overwork at full capacity.

And when it comes to dehumidification, small-duct systems are able to provide up to 30% greater humidity removal than traditional systems. This means that homeowners can set their thermostats higher on hot, humid days without sacrificing comfort.

Unico Systems Fit Anywhere

Unico’s round wood outlet fits seamlessly into the floor. The Unico System

If you’re considering new HVAC system this year, consider design, comfort, and energy efficiency without running into unwanted surprises. The Unico System, a partner of the National Historic Trust for Historic Preservation, fits where others can’t. Learn more here.