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Best Garage Floor Coating of 2023

Garage floor coatings add a durable and protective layer to your existing garage slab. Keep reading for our recommendations on the best garage floor coatings.

Garage Floor Coating Nat Rea

From colorful paint to protective epoxy, garage floor coatings can help spruce up your garage floor and protect it from scratches and spills.

Since picking the right coating may be difficult, the This Old House Reviews team researched the best garage floor coatings on the market to help you make an informed purchase. Here are our top recommendations for coating your garage floor.

Compare Top Garage Floor Coatings

Product Size Area Covered Drying Time
Product Size Area Covered Drying Time
Rust-Oleum RockSolid Polycuramine Garage Floor Kit 1.4 gallons 450–500 square feet 8–10 hours; vehicle-ready in 24 hours
KILZ One-Part Epoxy Acrylic Garage Floor Paint 1 gallon 450–500 square feet 24 hours
Colored Epoxies 1002 Clear Epoxy Resin Coating 3 gallons 850–900 square feet 7–9 hours; vehicle-ready in 24 hours
Siloxa-Tek Penetrating Concrete Sealer 1 gallon 250 square feet 4–6 hours; water-repellant in 7 days
Rust-Oleum Epoxy Shield Concrete Floor Paint 1 gallon 300–400 square feet 12–16 hours; vehicle-ready in 3 days

Top 5 Garage Floor Coatings

Best Paint Kit: Rust-Oleum RockSolid Polycuramine Garage Floor Kit

Rust-Oleum Polycuramine Garage Floor Kit

Rust-Oleum Garage Floor Kit

  • $371

Prices taken at time of publishing.

This crack- and peel-resistant polycuramine coating is a self-leveling compound that covers up to a 2.5-car space. The coating has a fast-drying, high-gloss finish that’s ready for vehicle use in as little as 24 hours and comes with color flakes that add a modern design to the floor.

Courtesy Amazon

Pros and Cons

✔ One kit covers up to 500 square feet
✔ Dries with a showroom-shine high-gloss finish
✔ Resists hot tire pick-up

✘ The complete kit is expensive relative to alternatives
✘ Heavy application will cover less than the advertised 2.5-car garage

What Customers Are Saying

The majority of customers who used this product to protect their garage flooring said that it was effective and produced satisfactory results. They also said that the high-gloss finish looked incredible. However, they mentioned that the necessary preparation was cumbersome and that the amount of floor coating didn’t go as far as advertised.

Best Entry-Level: KILZ One-Part Epoxy Acrylic Garage Floor Paint

KILZ Epoxy Acrylic Garage Floor Paint

KILZ Epoxy Acrylic Garage Floor Paint

  • $35

Prices taken at time of publishing.

Available in silver or slate gray, this epoxy acrylic paint is a durable and easy-to-clean garage and concrete coating. The paint comes in a 1-gallon can that covers up to 500 square feet of smooth surfaces. Additionally, the chemical-resistant paint dries to the touch in two hours.

Courtesy Amazon

Pros and Cons

✔ Comes in an easy, no-mix formula
✔ Resists hot tire pick-up
✔ Produces a slip-resistant satin finish

✘ May require multiple coats for complete floor protection
✘ Rough surfaces require more KILZ per square foot

What Customers Are Saying

Positively, customers who reviewed this garage floor coating said that it looked great, dried nicely, and provided even coverage throughout the floor of their garage. They added that that there was little to no smell. Negatively, the coating started to peel for some users after a matter of months or weeks, despite following the directions carefully. Some users also experienced hot tire marks.

Best Epoxy Kit: Colored Epoxies 1002 Clear Epoxy Resin Coating

Colored Epoxies 1002 Clear Epoxy Resin Coating

Colored Epoxies Clear Resin Coating

  • $303

Prices taken at time of publishing.

Made with 100% solid epoxy, this garage floor coating retains its thickness and shape when curing after application. This product comes in up to a 15-gallon kit and is offered in a variety of colors. Additionally, the epoxy is water-, mildew-, and mold-resistant and dries in 7–9 hours.

Courtesy Amazon

Pros and Cons

✔ Dries on clear
✔ Comes in a 3-gallon pack for ample coverage
✔ Doesn’t produce a noticeable odor

✘ Takes 7–9 hours to dry, not including its 24-hour vehicle-safe dry time
✘ Some customers complained about the coating’s thin color opacity

What Customers Are Saying

Satisfied customers who used this garage floor coating raved that the finish was of high quality and that the manufacturer’s customer service was top notch. Conversely, unsatisfied customers experienced thin, nearly transparent coverage, wishing that the coating dried on thicker.

Best Concrete Sealer: Siloxa-Tek Penetrating Concrete Sealer

Siloxa-Tek Penetrating Concrete Sealer

Siloxa-Tek Penetrating Concrete Sealer

  • $65

Prices taken at time of publishing.

This floor coating protects concrete surfaces from water and moisture damage. The product comes in a 1-gallon bottle that easily sprays, rolls, or brushes onto surfaces like driveways, basements, and garages. Plus, the concrete sealer doesn’t require pre-mixing.

Courtesy Amazon

Pros and Cons

✔ Can be used on exterior concrete, brick, and masonry
✔ Protects surfaces against ice melt salts
✔ Offers a superior water beading effect with no clouding effect

✘ Requires two coats
✘ Gallon only covers 250 square feet

What Customers Are Saying

The majority of users who reviewed this penetrating concrete sealer recommended it to others, citing that it was easy to apply, dried on color-free, and covered the amount of area as advertised without any issues. On the other hand, unhappy reviewers felt that the product information was incomplete online, and others said that the instructions were vague and unclear.

Best Concrete Paint: Rust-Oleum Epoxy Shield Concrete Floor Paint

Rust-Oleum Epoxy Shield Concrete Floor Paint

Rust-Oleum Concrete Floor Paint

  • $62

Prices taken at time of publishing.

This 1-gallon can of paint comes with a protective, smooth gray satin finish that can be applied to garages, patios, and basements. The easy-to-use paint can be washed with soap, is formulated with advanced acrylic technology, and is fade- and stain-resistant for a durable look.

Courtesy Amazon

Pros and Cons

✔ Made in the United States
✔ Offers UV- and weather-resistant
✔ Neutral armor gray color blends in with other surface colors

✘ Requires a careful and thorough application so it doesn’t dry blotchy or spotty
✘ Some users still experienced oil spots after applying the epoxy shield correctly

What Customers Are Saying

Many customers thought that this concrete floor paint was easy to spread and apply. They also felt that the product was relatively affordable and competitively priced based on the other options available to them. Alternatively, several users damaged the floor coating just days after application by driving on it with wet tires, despite following the instructions carefully and waiting enough time for the coats to dry.

Types of Garage Floor Coatings

Garage floor protectants typically come in two different styles: coatings and coverings.

Garage Floor Coatings vs. Garage Floor Coverings

Garage floor coatings, typically available in either an epoxy or paint, are more permanent solutions than non-adherent floor coverings.

Garage floor epoxy coatings use a chemical reaction that bonds to the concrete and hardens to form a long-lasting and protective finish.

Garage floor paints give your floor a new look while protecting its surface from damages, oil spills, and moisture. To create a more durable finish, some garage floor paints add a small amount of epoxy to their formula.

Garage floor coverings, offered in floor mats or tiles, are removable protective solutions that shield your existing floor from scuff marks and oil stains. Although garage floor coverings are more convenient and forgiving than coatings, they don’t offer the same level of durability.

Floor tiles interlock, creating a nonpermanent protective barrier and preventing damage to your garage floors.

Garage floor mats install easily by rolling onto your existing concrete slab to create a durable and easy-to-clean surface.

Buying Guide

Before upgrading your garage by investing in a floor coating, consider the installation and maintenance requirements of each option and how what you expect out of it.


The installation requirements for a garage floor coating will vary depending on the model. Polyurea and polyaspartic coatings go on in a single coat and cure faster than epoxy-heavy coatings. One such example is Rust-Oleum’s Polycuramine coating, which is vehicle-ready within 24 hours of application.

Although some paints require just one coat, most garage floor paints, sealers, and epoxies require two coats to deliver a long-lasting and even finish plus a few hours of dry time between coats.

Learn more about how to apply epoxy coating to your garage floor to help you decide epoxy, paint, or temporary flooring is the best choice for your needs.

Garage Use

When deciding between a garage floor coating, consider how you use your garage. If you’re looking for a general protectant that can help your floor resist cracking and deter mold and mildew buildup, a simple sealer should work.

However, if you perform extensive car repairs and maintenance work in your garage, a waterproof and abrasion-resistant epoxy may be a better option.


A coating’s coverage is measured in square feet. Most paints cover around 500 square feet on smooth surfaces, while sealers cover around 250 square feet. Because of their thick and heavy-duty consistencies, garage floor epoxies typically cover less than 200 square feet per gallon.


It is significantly easier to clean a coated garage floor than it is to clean concrete that’s untreated. In general, both paint and epoxy are easy to clean because of their smooth finish and water-resistant properties. Weather- and corrosion-proof coatings require nothing more than soap and water.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will my epoxy floor coating last?

An epoxy floor’s lifespan depends on a variety of factors, including the amount of foot traffic and maintenance it receives. For most residential uses, epoxy floors will last between 10 and 20 years before they need remediation.

Are garage floor coatings worth it?

Garage floor coatings are certainly worth the investment if you wish to preserve the original condition of the floor. They’re also great for those who frequently work in their garage and spill liquids, such as oil, because the surface of the coating makes it significantly easier to clean the floor.

What is the benefit of an coated garage floor?

Applying a coat of epoxy or durable paint to your garage floor has a variety of benefits, including its creation of an impact-, stain-, and crack-resistant surface.

In addition to their durable qualities, epoxy floors are also moisture-resistant to prevent mold buildup and come in a variety of colors to match your garage’s design.

Should I paint or epoxy my garage floor?

It depends. If you’re looking for an affordable solution that can keep your garage floor protected from minor damage and stains, garage floor paint is a good choice. If you want a durable, heavy-duty garage floor that’s impact-resistant and lasts for years, then upgrade your garage floor with an epoxy coat instead.

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