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How to Create an Aged Milk Paint Patina on Furniture

Recreate the look of an antique that's been dinged and scraped over many years

This easy process mimics the dings and scrapes you'd see on a painted wood piece after decades of wear and tear. It's ideal for unvarnished wood furniture with interesting details, like the dresser at left.

Step 1

Wax On

Photo by Daniel Hennessy

Run solid beeswax along the corners, edges, and details that would naturally show signs of wear, to keep paint from adhering to those spots.

Step 2

Paint the Base Layer

Photo by Daniel Hennessy

Mix powdered milk paint with water, and let sit for 10 minutes or until the pigment dissolves. Only mix what you need—it contains a natural protein that will sour after a few days; apply with a chip brush.

Step 3

Scrape the Paint

Photo by Daniel Hennessy

When 90 percent dry, run a paint scraper over spots that would typically wear.

Step 4

Use Tape to Remove Paint

Photo by Daniel Hennessy

Lay down painter's tape on flat surfaces, then carefully pull it up to remove some of the paint.

Step 5

Seal With Wax

Photo by Daniel Hennessy

With a round wax brush, apply finishing wax in a circular motion, about 1 square foot at a time, wiping away any excess with a rag as you go.