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Color Wash Tint Wood On Cabinet

This technique adds subtle color while allowing the natural beauty of the wood to show through. Try it on unfinished pieces with paneling details for the wash to accentuate, like the cabinet pictured.

Color Wash Tint Wood Steps

1. Paint on a Thinned Base Coat

Person Applies Chalk Paint Into Wood Grain Photo by Daniel Hennessy
  • Apply chalk paint thinned 3 parts paint to 1 part water, pushing the solution into the wood grain.

Tip: On brand-new wood, thin the paint less, say, 4 or 5 parts to 1.

2. Wipe Off Paint

Person Wipes Off Chalk Paint With Rag Photo by Daniel Hennessy
  • Follow right after with a rag, wiping paint off flat areas; color will remain in crevices and corners. Let dry.

3. Apply Dark Wax

Person Applies Dark Wax With Brush On Wood Cabinet To Color Wash Photo by Daniel Hennessy
  • With a round wax brush, apply dark wax in a circular motion, about 1 square foot at a time. This will give the piece a rustic, antiqued look.

4. Remove Excess

Person Wipes Off Excess Wax From Wood Cabinet Photo by Daniel Hennessy
  • Wipe off any excess wax with a rag as you go.