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Build It | Sliced Twig Table with Jimmy Diresta

Ask This Old House host Kevin O’Connor builds a table with Jimmy Diresta, a maker who’s famous online for how-to videos


  1. Cut the angle iron to length, in this case 16”. Next, make L-shaped cuts on both ends of two of the pieces.
  2. Cut the round bar stock to length, in this case 16”.
  3. Weld the angle iron into a frame. Smooth out the welds with a grinder.
  4. Weld the ¾” round bar stock to the frame as legs.
  5. Cut out a piece of MDF to fit the size of the metal frame. Grind off a small chunk of the four corners to ensure a tight fit over the welded joints.
  6. Place the MDF in the tray. It should be recessed at least ¼” to leave room for the slices.
  7. Cut the tree branches up into small slices on the band saw. Be sure to cut branches with a variety of diameters.
  8. Seal the gap between the MDF and the metal frame with hot glue.
  9. Pour a generous amount of 2-part epoxy on top of the MDF and spread it out until the top is completely covered.
  10. Place the wood slices on top of the table. Let the table cure for two hours.
  11. Once the epoxy has set, sand the table smooth using a belt sander, then a palm sander.
  12. Finish the top with more of the 2-part epoxy. Apply it with a paintbrush and let it cure for 24 hours.
  13. Lightly sand the metal frame and legs and clean them up with acetone, using the rags.
  14. Apply the chemical blackener to the legs with the foam brush.
  15. Finish off the metal frame and legs with the spray-on lacquer. Use painter’s tape on the slice top to protect it while spraying.

Most of the materials Jimmy and Kevin used to make the table, including the stock steel and MDF board, can be found at home centers. Jimmy used sticks from his backyard for the wood slices.

The two-part epoxy that Jimmy used for the top is Famowood Glaze Coat, manufactured by Eclectic Products.