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How Heath Eastman Became an Electrician

This Old House Master Electrician Heath Eastman explains how chance brought him to the electrical trade and the This Old House crew.

Master electrician Heath Eastman tells us how he became an electrician. Heath explains that he hadn’t considered the trade until he and his wife started renovating their first home. After hiring an electrician to handle some of the projects they had on their plate, the electrician mentioned knowing someone looking for help.

Heath’s journey to becoming a master electrician and a member of the TOH crew is something of a mix between hard work and good luck. While renovating their home, Heath and his wife faced some big projects: knob and tube wiring, crumbling lathe, and a slew of other jobs. They had to hire an electrician to handle some of this work, and that’s where things began.

Heath was young and wasn’t quite sure what he wanted to do, but he did have a basic foundation in the trades, as his father was a carpenter. During a conversation, the electrician told Heath that someone he often works with was seeking help. Knowing he was looking for a change, Heath took the job. Twenty years later, he’s a licensed master electrician who loves his trade.

Heath’s introduction to This Old House is the result of chance, as well. Heath was working for a contractor who landed a TOH job—a colonial in Essex, Massachusetts. Heath was featured on the show briefly, installing a light fixture in a new cupola. Two years later, the production crew was looking for an electrician and remembered Heath. Heath couldn’t pass up the opportunity when the show’s producer reached out to see if he’d be interested in handling some house calls for Ask This Old House.

Heath feels that highlighting electrical work on the show is important. He knows it’s one of the most critical renovation components. He also knows that many folks are intimidated by electrical work. When Heath performs the work correctly and safely on the show, it’s an opportunity to show homeowners that they don’t need to be nervous about the job.

According to Heath, the future is bright for electrical professionals. With new technology such as electric cars and solar fields growing daily, the demand for electricians to work on those items won’t meet the supply. In essence, he feels the possibilities are endless for these trained professionals.