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S20 E9, Heath Eastman discusses voltage testers with Kevin O’Connor

How To Use an Electric Voltage Tester

Host Kevin O’Connor and master electrician Heath Eastman discuss the different uses for voltage testers and test some of Heath’s favorite models.


How to Install an AFCI Circuit Breaker

Ask This Old House master electrician, Heath Eastman, wraps up an electrical project he started over a year ago by replacing the circuit breaker at his panel with one that is up to code.

S20 E8, Heath Eastman wires a shed

How to Wire a Shed for Electricity

Master electrician Heath Eastman helps Mason Mark McCullough wire his chicken barn for lights and power.

S20 E5, Heath Eastman discusses electrical tools with Kevin O’Connor

Top 7 Tools for Electrical Projects

Master electrician Heath Eastman shows host Kevin O’Connor the tools he uses the most during day-to-day electrical work.

S20 E5, Heath Eastman installs recessed lights

How to Install Recessed Lighting

Master electrician Heath Eastman installs recessed lights in a homeowner’s playroom.

S20 E1, Heath Eastman on two-prong outlets

Changing a Two-Prong Outlet to Three

Learn how to replace a two-prong outlet without the expense of rewiring.


How to Install Outdoor Landscape Lighting

Heath Eastman demonstrates how to install landscape lighting along a garden path. Adding landscape lighting to a walkway or path can improve the look and experience of the area.


How to Replace a Lamppost

Master electrician, Heath Eastman helps a homeowner replace his front lamppost with some hilarious code violations with a new post.


What’s New with EV Chargers

Ask This Old House master electrician, Heath Eastman, and home technology expert, Ross Trethewey, discuss the progression of electric vehicle chargers and the role they imagine EV chargers will play in homes in the future.


Open House | Electrical Inspection

Ask This Old House Master Electrician, Heath Eastman, explains what to look for during a home electrical inspection.