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S21 E7, Heath Eastman discusses holiday light safety with Kevin O’Connor

7 Electrical Safety Tips for Holiday Lights

Master electrician Heath Eastman shows host Kevin O’Connor what he needs to know about holiday light safety.

S21 E5, Heath Eastman discusses GFCI receptacles with Kevin O’Connor

Everything to Know About GFCI Receptacles

Master electrician Heath Eastman teaches host Kevin O’Connor everything he needs to know about ground fault circuit interrupters.

S21 E3, Heath Eastman replaces a doorbell

How to Replace a Doorbell

Master electrician Heath Eastman helps a homeowner solve an old problem: locating and replacing doorbell components and wiring.

S21 E2, Heath Eastman explains EV chargers to Kevin O’Connor

Electrical Vehicle Chargers Explained

Master electrician Heath Eastman teaches This Old House host Kevin O’Connor everything he (or anyone else) needs to know about choosing an electric vehicle charger for their home.

S20 E37, Heath Eastman discusses the dos and don’ts of drilling into studs for electrical wiring

Tool Lab | Drilling Into Studs for Electrical Wiring

Master electrician Heath Eastman explains how pros drill through studs for running wires through wood-framed walls.

S20 E36, Heath Eastman installs a kitchen island receptacle

How to Install an Electrical Receptacle on a Kitchen Island

Master electrician Heath Eastman solves a problem for a homeowner by adding an outlet to her new kitchen island.

S20 E1, Heath Eastman on two-prong outlets

Changing a Two-Prong Outlet to Three

Learn how to replace a two-prong outlet without the expense of rewiring.

S20 E35, Heath Eastman working on an electrical panel

How Heath Eastman Became an Electrician

This Old House Master Electrician Heath Eastman explains how chance brought him to the electrical trade and the This Old House crew.

S20 E34, Heath Eastman moves a ceiling light fixture

How to Move a Light Fixture

Master electrician Heath Eastman helps a homeowner with an askew light fixture, centering it over their dining room table.

How to Safely Replace a Ceiling Light

Ask This Old House master electrician Heath Eastman clarifies the temperature rating system for ceiling lights and then installs one for a homeowner.