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Steps for installing bypass doors:

  1. Start by prepping the opening of the doors. In some cases, it might be necessary to pad the opening with some primed 2x stock material to ensure the opening is the exact width as the width of the doors. If the width of the opening is the correct dimension, notch out the opening to accept the trim piece, which will be added later to hide the track once its installed.
  2. Hold the track up to the top of the opening and mark the holes for the screws.
  3. Remove the track and drill pilot holes on the marks.
  4. Secure the track to the top of the opening using screws that come with the kit.
  5. Check the track for level. If it’s out of level, the top of the opening can be padded out with a few shims.
  6. Hang the roller hardware into the track. Measure from the bottom of the floor to the hardware. Subtract ½” to allow for some clearance for the door.
  7. Transfer that measurement to each door and cut the door to size using the track saw. Be sure to cut off material from the bottom of each door.
  8. Mount the roller hardware to the door about 1” in on both sides with the drill driver and provided screws.
  9. Hang the doors on the track.
  10. Place the floor guide on the floor and place the doors in each slot. Once the floor guide is in a good location, secure it to the floor with screws.
  11. Drill a hole in each door using a Forstner bit to accept a finger pull that comes with the kit. This will allow the doors to be easily opened and closed.
  12. Attach the trim piece in the two notches that were cut in the opening to hide the track. Secure them with a brad nailer.


Nathan installed two JELD-WEN Colonist Primed wood interior doors that most closely matched the dimensions of the opening. Nathan recommends ensuring the door has not been pre-hung and does not have bore holes in it for a standard knob. These doors can be found at home centers.

To make the doors bypass, Nathan mounted a Bypass Door Hardware kit, which is manufactured by Johnson Hardware. The kit comes with all the hardware required to mount the doors.

All the other tools and materials required to install these doors can be found at home centers.

Shopping List: