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In this video, This Old House general contractor Tom Silva shows how to hang a new energy efficient door.


1. Measure and mark to length the hinge side of the new storm-door frame.
2. Next, set a sliding T-bevel square on the doorsill. Adjust the square to match the angle of the sill, then lock the square in position.
3. Use the T-bevel square to transfer the sill angle to the hinge-side frame.
4. Cut the frame to length with a hacksaw.
5. Screw the hinge-side frame to the storm door with the screws provided.
6. Stand the storm door in the doorway opening and screw the hinge to the jamb.
7. Screw on the remaining metal frame pieces, then install the handle and lock.
8. Mount the door closers to the door and attach the safety chain.