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What to do with a Cast Iron Sewer Pipe!!


Our home, which, was built in the 1940's, has a cast iron sewer pipe running from upstairs down into the basement where it begins to run on an angle along a basement wall until it enters the ground through the floor.

To date we have not have any issues, but we plan on finishing the the basement and are wondering if we should replace this pipe before we begin to frame our wall around it. How long does these pipes normally last? I would hate to finish the basement only to have problems start behind the walls. Should we only replace the sloped parts? I had read the a vertical cast iron pipe should last forever since there is no standing water in it.

You input would be appreciated. Thanks.

Timothy Miller
Re: What to do with a Cast Iron Sewer Pipe!!

Howdy the pipes last a long time. Remember to allow an access to the pipe if it has a clean out hub ( looks like a giant bolt that screws into the pipe )

Bay Area..Ca
Re: What to do with a Cast Iron Sewer Pipe!!

i have seen 80 year old cast that has not failed and i have seen 10 year old cast iron that has failed.i would replace it for peace of mind since you can not see how thin or weak the pipe is and your going to cover it.also,i would use cast iron again because it is much quieter than abs or pvc pipe.

A. Spruce
Re: What to do with a Cast Iron Sewer Pipe!!

It would take a lot for exposed cast iron to deteriorate. It is doubtful that you'll have a problem with any protected above grade runs. I'd recommend leaving it as is because the cast iron will be quieter than any other pipe you use. As Tim suggests, leave access to the clean-out if there is one, otherwise button it up and forget about it.

Re: What to do with a Cast Iron Sewer Pipe!!

Thank you for your input. The pipes do look in good shape with no signs of rusting. However, that was my concern Bay Area. How much has in rusted on the inside?

I do feel more comfortable leaving it now though after everyone's input. Thanks.

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