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What The Heck Is That Noise?

:confused: I've developed a noise that can be characterized as the same kind of tone you would hear from a tuning fork when struck. This happens after sink faucets have been turned on and then shut off. I had a hot water re-circulator installed and developed the noise shortly afterwards. I called the plumber who did the install and he replaced the pressure regulator to no avail. He returned to swap it out for a new one since they occasionally can be defective. No help with the harmonic noise which can be heard all over the house. So, he installed an expansion tank at the water heater. All of these have provided short term fixes but this loud harmonic tone always returns. I even drained out the system but still no solution. Now the plumber appears to have re-located and I still have the problem.

Any suggestions???

Re: What The Heck Is That Noise?

If the pipes are exposed, drive some wooden shims between the pipe and where it runs through framing members (studs, joists, etc.). If the pipes themselves are resonating, this may dampen the vibration.

Is the recirculation pump mounted under a sink or at the water heater? Does it have a dedicated return pipe, or does it backfeed into the cold water lines?

Re: What The Heck Is That Noise?

Did you try turning off the circulator? I have seen defective pumps cause some strange sounds.


Re: What The Heck Is That Noise?

Noises can be funny. This may not be directly related to you recent work. If you have a gate valve (vs. ball valve) check to see that it is fully open. A gate in the water flow can vibrate and cause all sorts of interesting sounds. Gate valves should be replaced by ball valves when you can.

Could also be a toilet fill valve leaking, but I'd look at a partly closed valve first.

Re: What The Heck Is That Noise?

This is a very fair guess, but I remember being in a house in Falmouth, MA, and hearing a strange buzzing sound every time a zone on the boiler kicked on or off. It appeared as though the pumps had some sort of back lash in the pelton causing a buzzing sound to reverberate through the motor. Your plumber may have installed an incorrect size or H.P. pump, and it may be doing just that.

Could be ghosts! :):D

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