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What causes a whistling faucet?

Hi All,

I recently had a new kitchen sink and faucet installed. Faucet is a nice Delta where the faucet pulls out as the spray too, and has the hot/cold lever above. Unfortunately when you turn the water on, hot or cold, it whistles and is driving me crazy. Is this something with the faucet itself, or were the hoses maybe not hooked back up right? The old facuet did not do this.

Thanks for any info ~

Re: What causes a whistling faucet?

Maybe you need to teach it the words.

Re: What causes a whistling faucet?

I had a the same problem (but only with the hot). My problems came from not having the lines to the faucet turned completely on. When the water was turned off to exchange the faucets, the hot water valve was not turned completely on. Once we did that, the problem was fixed.

Hope yours is as simple.


Timothy Miller
Re: What causes a whistling faucet?

Usually a slender well built pipe.... ha ha

A. Spruce
Re: What causes a whistling faucet?

It's usually a pressure thing. Check to make sure the supply valves are open fully, then slowly close them to see if it stops. If that's not it, then it's likely the faucet itself, either by design or defect. Since you've got the spout/spray hose all in one, it doesn't have an internal diverter which is what usually squeals. You might try taking the head off the hose and run the faucet that way. If it doesn't squeal, then there is probably a restrictor inside the head that is causing the squeal, you may be able to disassemble and remove it, or enlarge the hole in it to stop the noise.

Re: What causes a whistling faucet?

We have a similar faucet, and ours has a built in diverter to change from the normal stream to a shower head type water flow. Sometimes the "button" that you push down to make this change of flow doesn't go all the way to the next setting and it makes a low whistle until you press it harder to make it take effect.

Re: What causes a whistling faucet?

Thanks all, I appreciate the responses.

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