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water hammer solution needed

Currently having water hammer issue that has worsened slowly over the past few weeks. Now just about every water source in the house causes a hammer when turned off, from kitchen sink, to bathrooms, to laundry machine. I have tried to turn off main supply, then drain lines, then slowly turn main back on, however this did not work. I could install arrestors at each location, but it would be all water sources in my home. I was wondering if there was a whole home arrestor that could be installed in main water line vs arrestor at each faucet? Thanks for any help and advice.

Re: water hammer solution needed

From your description, before you continue with so many hammer arrestors, check your water pressure. If your water pressure is higher than 80-85, you may need a pressure reducing valve at the point of entry to the house, and if you have a PRV, have it checked or replaced.

To measure water pressure, pick up a gauge at a plumbing store, then check at multiple locations: garden hose bibb and washing machine inlet.

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