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Water dripping from vent pipe

Water runs down my vent stack only when the bathroom sink above it is used and then not all the time. I checked the roof, checked in the attic and all these areas are dry. Since it does not happen all the time I thought it has to do with a series of events before hand. I tried flushing the toilet then using the sink, ran the shower and then used the sink, but I can't seem to make it happen. I discovered this because the basement is finished and the drop ceiling tile was wet. I'm I correct to say the sink drain goes directly into the vent stack? All plumbing is PVC. Walls in bath are tiled and the other side of bath is the kitchen.

Re: Water dripping from vent pipe

Who much water are we talking about? A cup a day or a cup a week.

Sometime small leaks are hard to find. One thing that helps is to wrap a paper towel or toilet paper around the pipe and come back and check it the next day to see if it is wet. I would probably start there since it is the easiest thing to do first. Try pushing the paper around the sink drain where it transition into the wall.

I would also wrap a piece around the vent stack in the attic. I have seen the rubber boots (assuming that is the type you have) develop small cracks that only leak when the rain hit the pipe from a particular direction.

Is the shower wall also tile or is it a fiberglass shower?

Re: Water dripping from vent pipe

Amount of water dripping is less than a cup a week some weeks none at all. Does not come from above the bathroom sink, shower wall is tile also. Vent stack goes up behing the sink.

Re: Water dripping from vent pipe

Your vent pipe flashing on the roof been inspected for leaks lately?

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