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venting problems

I just recently bought a house in allendale Michigan with a septic system and I'm haveing a problem I think is do to poor venting of my sinks and tolets. when I flush my tolets I get a burping sound coming from my sinks and just today runing my washer it happen but my house filled up with a sewage smell I have one single pipe runing to my septic system witch every thing flows into in my main level bath it looks like thiers a vent going out the side of the house and my upstars bath the vent is going out the roof also I have a vent that pulls air in a main level closet it looks like it is for my washer in the basement.I want to elimenate the vent in the closet and would like to know whats the best way to fix my problem and how far is to far for a vent to work properly

Re: venting problems

I do not know how many fixtures you have in your house, but normally, every fixture has a trap except for the toilet. About six inches maximum from the trap you start a venting pipe. Instead of each vent going straight to the roof, you can combine them together so you have less work in the roof.If there is odor coming from the septic tank, there is a trap that is not working.
The traps are there so you eliminate odors and gases. There is a table in the CODE that tells you excactly how far the vent has to be from the trap. It depends on the size of the pipe.

Re: venting problems

your vent ist clogged and you may have a combination of clogs which need to be mechanically removed. Call a plumber.:)

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