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Upgrading Oil Burner

Our oil burner is a 40 year old tankless hot water furnace. We have a 2600 square foot home.

We turn the furnace off to save on heating water ( and wasting oil) When the furnace is on it is on a timer to run twice a day.

This is getting very tiresome, esp. when I need to do dishes and take showers, or just need hot water. We are considering a Renni for the upstairs bathrooms, but this will not resolve the issue with kitchen and down stairs bathroom, unless we install one at each of this points. We did consider just putting one in the cellar for all locations, but then you have the cold water still in the pipes. Not sure what to do. Also looking for a suggestion on a effecient Oil Burner.


Re: Upgrading Oil Burner

They make some highly efficient oil fired boilers now, they have system 2000 by energy kinetics,weil-mclein ultra,buderus, and burnham mpo-IQ. They also make gas boilers now that are 96% efficient ,if gas is available on your street they will pipe it into your house for free if you switch to gas heating. Talk to your plumber and he can tell you about all the rebates and install costs in your area! Good Luck!

Re: Upgrading Oil Burner


Yes, you should explore getting a new boiler along with a companion indirect hot water heater that is a heat exchanger & uses the hot boiler water to heat the domestic tap water (DHW); these are 30 or 40 gallon tanks that sit next to the boiler & you will never run out of hot water & they are very efficient.

The arrangement you have now is one of the most inefficient ways to obtain your hot water, since the tankless coil inside the boiler can heat only a gallon or so HW at a time before the boiler must fire up again to heat another gallon of HW; also, since the boiler is 40 yrs old, it is no doubt way bekyond its useful life span & is sending 1/2 the heat up the chimney.

Consult the Yellow Pages under "Heating Contractors" and have at least 3 heating techs come to your house to give you separate written bids on the equipment they suggest; you can then decide on the lowest bid; as the previousw poster noted, if you have natural gas available, this would be less expensive in the long run; there are many "entry level" boilers (pin-type cast iron & 3-pass boilers) that start at approx. $1800, plus installation plus $1800 for the indirect HW heater; boilers by Crown, Dunkirk, New Yorker, Peerless, Utica, Weil-McLain are good brands.

Before buying a new boiler you must check the insulation in the exterior walls of the house & the attic (this is extremely important); if there is little or no insulation in attic & exterior walls, cellulose insulation can be blown in from the exterior of the house in one day for approx $500; consult the Yellow Pages under "Insulation"----a new boiler with an indirect HWH plus the blown-in insulation is the least expensive way to go & will save you untold $$$ each summer & winter for years to come.

Re: Upgrading Oil Burner

I am an average homeowner who purchased an Energy Kinetics system 2000 about 10 years ago- I've had a few problems over the years but nothing major. More recently the Energy Manager was diagnosed as being bad- I had 2 local "authorized" dealerS give me prices of $895 to have it replaced. This is ridiculous, and it is a proprietary part that you can only buy from them- I called the company and didn't get much of a response- couldn't even get a price so I could be sure I wasn't getting raked over the coals. I WOULD RECOMMEND AGAINST THE SYSTEM 2000 FOR THIS REASON- I'M SITTING HERE LOOKING AT A $895 BILL TO HAVE A SMALL CIRCUITBOARD REPLACED FOR A CRUCIAL PIECE OF EQUIPMENT IN MY HOUSE- NOT GOOD

Re: Upgrading Oil Burner

I would have to say Dobbs advice is sound-shop around and go with a name brand, and get at least 3 quotes. I paid over $6000 to have my boiler installed and I regret not shopping around more and going with a common brand name.

Re: Upgrading Oil Burner

For upgrading the boiler itself, Buderus makes an excellent product in my opinion. It would be the optimum boiler for oil firing, however one of the more expensive brands out there. Really any boiler can fire efficiently if It's serviced every year. The brands Dobbs listed are some of the best, But I would recommend Buderus. Burner wise, Buderus units almost always can come packaged with a high efficiency Riello burner. Beckett and Carlin are other name brands but do not have an as efficient design as Riello burners. A good boiler can supply excellent amounts of cheap hot water using an indirect fired tank. This is a free standing hot water tank that resembles really any water heater, however uses the boilers heat source as apposed to it's own fuel. an added boiler zone goes through the tank, heats the domestic water, and returns to the boiler. It would be the best system to install, and a large upgrade as apposed to what you have, it sounds like. :D

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