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too much base board upstairs

My old cape has way way way too much baseboard upstairs. We recently opened the wall to the staircase downstairs which made matters worse. How can I safely muffle heat upstairs without having a plumber remove sections. Can I wrap the fins with something, or cut the fins off and put pipe insulation on the pipes. I saw rflective insulation at Lowes which is aluminum foil with bubble pack in the middle, would this be safe to wrap the fins with??

Re: too much base board upstairs


Yes, you can remove the front steel covers of the baseboard & wrap the baseboard fins in pink fiberglass insulation, or as an alternative, wrap them in heavy-duty aluminum foil----both products can withstand the 580-600 degrees heat that is encountered in the finned piping----either process should dramatically reduce the amount of upstairs heat being produced---once the front covers are replaced, the insulation or foil wrap will be invisible.

I have my doubts that other materials like "bubble wrap" can withstand such temperatures.

Re: too much base board upstairs

I'm wondering if this would also work to help balance the heat in different rooms. I have a ranch house with forced hot water base board. The heat splits off at the furnace and has a dual run which starts in the living room and kitchen. I find that my thermostat, which is in the hallway, kicks off before the bedrooms come to temperature. I'm wondering if I wrapped some of the baseboard in the living room and kitchen/dining room with foil, if it would allow the system to run a little longer so that the bedrooms get a little more heat. Any thoughts? Thank you.

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