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tie into old galvanized water supply

My brother and I are going to help my dad replace part of his water supply line that is corroded. We plan to cut out about 60 feet and tie into the 40 year old galvanized pipe at a fitting. The galvanized pipe looks good from the outside at this point, but we are worried that the fitting will be too corroded to hold up so may cut the pipe further out and try to rethread it. ...and we're worried it may not be in good enough shape to hold a good thread. What are some other options? We're thinking a compression type fitting (1-1/2" to 2") to tie the galvanized pipe to PVC which we'll run to the house. The pressure is probably 100 to 140 psi, ...at a guess.

Re: tie into old galvanized water supply

If for some reason you can't replace the total line then tie into a fitting. I wouldn't try cutting a new thread or using a compression fitting.


Re: tie into old galvanized water supply

If you're concerened about the intergrity of the galvy then it would be best to attach to a coupler. However, I would think it would be safer to replace the whole line to the service supply at the street. Afterall it's the same age as the parts you are replacing and who's to say the rest won't spring a leak a month later.

Re: tie into old galvanized water supply

John & Canuk,
Thanks for the replies. Yeah, replacing the whole thing is the preferred option. ...and we realize it may come to that, but options include running the line through a creek (and I think 4 different permits required), or running it for about 150 feet to a bridge, then up the hill.
Thanks again - Tony

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