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Tankless Water heaters

We talked with our local plumber and he discouraged the installation of a tankless water heater stating the required a lot of maintenance. I see a lot of people are installing these, so is the maintenance a significant issue with these types of water heaters?

Re: Tankless Water heaters

Maintenance is not a worry with tankless, however, installation can be very expensive due mainly to the required venting and possible rerouting of plumbing. Also, you should preferably have at least a 3/4 inch natural gas or propane line, good flow rate from supply line(gallons per minute) and locate the heater near an exterior wall. If your existing heater meets the above, you are in good shape. The unit's themselves are comparable in price to tank heaters..it's the installation that can escalate the price. You should talk to a plumber who's qualified (if your's isn't qualified) in tankless heaters. Many today still aren't familier with them and give lots of misinformation out. Go to Rheems website - they manufactur both tank and tankless. Call the 800 number, etc. I believe you will get an honest opinion or idea over the phone with them since they sell both types:

Hope this helps.

Re: Tankless Water heaters

I agree with rjteek ... there are plumbers that aren't knowledgeable about tankless heaters .... find one that is experienced in installing and servicing them.

I'm curious what the plumber claims "lots of maintenance" there is for tankless heaters.

Re: Tankless Water heaters

As far as 'Maintaining" Tankless Units, I have never had to do more than a cursory inspection of my installation. At first I was checking about every 3 to 6 months,because the technology was "new" here in the U.S., but after a couple of years, I realized that they were a solid replacement and a BETTER alternative to the age old Tanked heater. Now, I go back and check every 2-3 years unless a Customer calls with a concern. It goes back to the age old adage, if it isn't broke, don't fix it, but the TECHNOLOGY is broke, and hence the sudden thrust for MORE energy efficient appliances. Don't SWEAT the installation costs! It may cost you a bit more, MAYBE 30%, (That is as HIGH as I would accept) but in about 2 years, you are going to pay off that small cost in REDUCED maintenance and FUEL costs. 2 YEARS! It will take you roughly 6-8 to recoup the cost on installing a conventional Tank Water heater, just about the time the warranty is up and you are bailing water from you basement.

On a PERSONAL note,I generally charge around 250.00 to replace a conventional to tankless replacement. I can USUALLY just enlarge the current Vent Stack hole and install the requisite B-Vent pipe in the existing location and seal it BETTER than the original installation. NO DRAFTS and LESS noise.

Re: Tankless Water heaters

YankeeConCo .... good post.:)

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