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slow drain

MY tub drains slowly, how to fix this without tearing up the bathroom?

Timothy Miller
Re: slow drain

Howdy, likely a hair/ soap clog. Hhve you tried plunging, toilet plunger, the drain? Or consider having the tubs drain snaked to open it up.

Re: slow drain

It depends on the age of your house. If it is an old house with a cast iron or galvanized steel P trap it may be impossible to get a snake - even a snake with the tip cut off of it which is my emergency last ditch snake - through it. The P trap may be too severe or the metal has hard deposits on it from decades of use and no snake will get through it. Some poster may not like my solution but I have lots of experience having torn out 12 bathroom ceilings(in a five story apt building that is 98 years old to replace cast iron and steel bathtub drains). A typical bathroom drain cleaner carefully used several times and thoroughly flushed will work. You will have to do this every six months or so to keep the drain working.

Semper D.I.Y.
Re: slow drain

I'd try the drain cleaner first. It doesn't always work but it may this time.
We had a plug in our tub pipe as well that caused a slow draining of the water. I used drain cleaner on it and it wouldn't budge. A snake wouldn't take it out either. Luckily for us I was able to go through a section of the exterior plywood (the siding was getting replaced)to get to the drain, remove the trap, clean it all out thoroughly and remove the "Drain Wookiee" which was now sporting a cool electric blue dye-job from the drain cleaner. :rolleyes:

Oh, and spend about $3 and get yourself a "hair snare" or other hair catching device to put over the drain, it's worth it and will definitely cut down on the amount of hair buildup in the drain and having to buy a lot of chemicals to pour down the drain just for hair clogs.

Re: slow drain

If there are people using thus tub who have long hair, be sure to use a screen for the drain. I know they are annoying to keep clean, but they do prevent clogs.

Re: slow drain

So slow in the bathroom sink usually a problem, but it does cause a system running the stopper netting. Usually drains to slow does not suddenly but gradually over time.

Re: slow drain

Slow tub drain. If you have a mounted stopper, remove it and tweeze the catch clean. With stopper out, run water to check, use drain cleaner if still slow.

Re: slow drain

Before using a harsh chemical drain cleaner, you might try a home remedy first. A combination of baking soda and vinegar is often effective for a stubborn blockage that is causing a slow tub drain. A half cup of baking soda is poured into the drain, then a half cup of white vinegar.

The drain should then be covered and the mixture allowed to stand for several minutes. Then, prepare a pot of boiling water and pour this down the drain. The baking soda and vinegar mixture will cause fatty acids of a clog to dissolve, and the water will wash it away, ending the slow tub drain.

If this remedy is still not enough, a stronger chemical may be applied. One of the newer drain cleaners on the market that can end slow tub drain is Drano Dual Force Foamer. It is safe for bathroom pipes and for septic systems. This is applied directly down the drain and allowed to foam to dissolve whatever is blocking the pipes. It is then washed down the drain with hot water.

Re: slow drain

Hairs or other things may be gone in pipe and blocked the drain so just clean it

Re: slow drain

If it's always been slow then it may be the slope, but if it's just recently got worse, try a plunger both in the shower and the tub. Ours usually needs plunging about every 2-3 months then they both start draining well again.

Re: slow drain
ss2534 wrote:

MY tub drains slowly, how to fix this without tearing up the bathroom?

maybe something is clogging in the kitchen whole!!
try calling a plmber.. its now i know,



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