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Shear wall - New plumbing and Niche

I have a shear wall but I want to locate a new shower head and niche on that side of the wall. Can I do it without disturbing the structure?

Re: Shear wall - New plumbing and Niche

I kind of depends. How is the wall constructed & will the modifications disrupt the integrity of the wall? I can't tell from here.

Re: Shear wall - New plumbing and Niche

Do you just want to drill a hole in the shear wall, large enough to allow 1/2" shower arm through?

Re: Shear wall - New plumbing and Niche

I was hoping the pipe could go in between the studs and so too the niche. Arnt shear walls generally located on the exterior side of the wall? I didnt think a hole would be drilled into the wall. Besides, shear walls are allowed small openings, maybe not the size of large windows but a hole seems ok...no?

Re: Shear wall - New plumbing and Niche

a 1/2" hole wont affect the structure typically its when you start notching larger amounts of the studs and cutting large areas of plywood out.

ive built several high end homes which featured "tall walls" which were treated as "shear walls" even though they had several large windows in them. we counteracted the large openings by gluing the plywood to the framing and using special brackets which lock all the framing together

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