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Replacing lead plumbing pipe

I have holes in my 4" lead soil pipe that leads from the upstairs toilet to a vertical cast iron soil pipe.

I have removed the ceiling below the bathroom in question to gain access to the plumbing.

I would like to make this repair with plastic pipe; however, two other pipes join this connection. Both are 1.5" coming from the lavatory and tub. The lavatory connection enters the 4" lead pipe at an elbow directly off the toilet connection. The tub enters at a tee that is adjacent to the cast iron soil pipe.

My problem is: Using lead made it easy to manipulate and facilitate the connections. Plastic is less compromizing and there doesn't seem to be any obvious way to fit the connections with plastic due to the existing angles of the lead pipe and the close quartes.

Any ideas?

Re: Replacing lead plumbing pipe

So you're saying there's no room for the closet bend, 2 45's and a tee to catch the sink? The original plumber should have turned the tee on the main stack at 45* coming off the wall. It looks oblique to the wall. I'm afraid you now must do what he failed to do; cut out that 4" cast tee and put in a new sch. 40 one with hubless adapters, and put in a sanitary tee for the sink drain.

Re: Replacing lead plumbing pipe

Hello, BEST thing to do, remove ALL lead pipe back to that cast iron bell. Insert a Fernco gasket and redo all new with PVC. Trust me, have done this hundreds of times and is really worth doing it all. "Pay now or pay later" is the old saying, because you make fix part of it now then have another issue down the road. ;)GregC, Mechanical/General Contractor 30yrs

Re: Replacing lead plumbing pipe

Your picture shows that you will have enough room to do the replacement, which is the right way to go about this, as others have said.

Cut out the lead and some of the cast iron, as needed for space.

You can cut cast iron with a Sawzall if you don't have access to a plumber's snap cutter. With a Sawzall, you'll need patience and 2 or 3 blades.

Pull the toilet before you start, and re-set it after the piping is done.

Re: Replacing lead plumbing pipe

i have a 150 yo house, and my plumbing looked very similar. i removed all the lead drain and am replacing with abs. in the process, i found a total of 5 leaks, which did not show up on first inspection. replace all now, instead of going back in a second time.

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