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Repairing American Standard Flapper

We just had our bathrooms remodeled and had hour contractor install New American Standard toilets in both rooms. Big mistake. Both of these toilets run constantly. Seems that the flapper doesn't make a tight seal once the water has emptied from the tank. I've applied petroleum jelly to the bottom of the flapper in hopes that the jelly would help the flapper seal. Doesn't work either. Any suggestions out there? P.S. This is a new type of flapper to me. It's just a rubber flat piece that is lowered down over the water tank pipe by chain and is appox. 2 1/2- 3" in diameter.

A. Spruce
Re: Repairing American Standard Flapper

When in the closed position, does the chain from the handle to the flapper have slack in it? If not, the flapper is likely not able to fully close.

Re: Repairing American Standard Flapper

First, check the chain like A.Spruce suggested. Next,are the toilets under warranty? If so get the contractor to take care of it. If not, go to the hardware store and buy a kit to replace the rubber gasket. The kit will also have the filler tube with it and the instructions might tell you to remove the tank from the toilet. Not necessary, just remove the water line to the filler tube and you can stretch the old gasket enough to get it off of the filler tube, do the reverse to put the new gasket on. Leave the petroleum jelly off of the gasket, you shouldn't need it. If you are handy, you will be able to see anything obstructing getting the gasket off and on and just remove it until you are done. Hope this helps. I did this with mine and it worked fine.Hope this helps.

Calcats ;)

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