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PVC Water Main Supply to Copper Connection

Hello everyone! Been digging through the forums for awhile now and decided to join that I have a question about an issue in a home I just bought in Northern California.

The main water supply line from the public utility comes up out of the ground at the corner of the garage using PVC (I assume it's PVC, it's plastic and white piping). At this point there is a connection to copper which goes through a shut off value and into the side of garage into the house. There is a another shut off value in the ground down by the road. Right at the PVC to Copper connection there is a slight leak. We asked the seller to repair the leak, which he did by cutting out the connection and adding another of the same type. I noticed today it's got a slight leak again. He has a threaded male PVC connector going into a threaded female copper connector with some sort of blue sealant or glue.

What is the proper way of repairing this connection so I no longer have an issue with it? There will need to be some sort of transition from the PVC to copper and from reading everything has been recommended with mixed reviews. I don't which way is the correct way.

Thanks for the fantastic site and the help!


Re: PVC Water Main Supply to Copper Connection

You haven't listed the size of the pipe, but I would assume it would be between 1/2 inch and 1 inch pipe. If that is true than I would use a coupling product called Shark Bite. Home Depot sells the couplings that will hook up PVC, Pex tubing and copper. They are simple to use and can be unhooked with a simple devise. They are not cheap, but they are easy for DIYers and are still less than a plumber. Just have someone at the store show you how to unhook the the couplings and you will find this product very friendly.

Re: PVC Water Main Supply to Copper Connection

I don't care for PVC water lines in a structure because of issues with the fittings cracking. It is also against codes in some places to use PVC on the pressure side of your plumbing system in some areas.

Best way is to run the PVC up to 3 feet from the house and bring the water line in the structure with another material like PEX or Copper.

But, to repair this I would properly cement a female PVC adapter on the pipe coming in. Making sure its dry, primed and cemented with the right cement and primer.

Then put a radiator clamp around the female fitting at the top to support a copper male adapter being screwed into the PVC fitting.

I never use PVC male adapters on pressure pipe as they are not very strong and I always support female adapters. Soider your copper into your male adapter before hand so as not to heat the PVC fitting.

Oh yes, let the cement set up for 24 hours if at all possible but at least for 4 hours as recommended by the makers of the product. Don't put pressure on the PVC making sure the pipe is supported and stright and then your ready to connect to your copper system.

Re: PVC Water Main Supply to Copper Connection

In California, PVC was approved for water supply line from the water meter to the house. Today, nobody that I know uses PVC for this purpose. In fact, in the first sign of trouble, homeowners are switching to all copper line.

If you don't want any unpleasant surprises and have the money, replace this old PVC pipe and install copper. That's what I've done in all my rentals that came with a PVC supply line.

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