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M He Sapa
pan under washing machine moved
M He Sapa

Recently I had wonderful new flooring installed in the laundry room and kitchen after being down to the subfloor for 8 years since the previous flooring and underlayment had to be removed due to infusion with mold. The washer had leaked or overflowed apparently. I had a pan, plastic, installed by my very good plumber under the washer. I did not hover and watch exactly how the drain pipe (straight down into the crawl space, not attached to anything but the pan) was fitted so it would not leak. After a few months a load of laundry became unbalanced and though I was home and attended it immediately, the washer had "walked" a bit and the pan had rotated from its position. I gently pulled the washer back into position and the pan rotated back into position also. I then went into the crawl space to discover that the very good plumber's son, who is now working with his dad and becoming a very good plumber himself, had taken down the netting which holds the insulation up against the subfloor but had not put it back up. I began to investigate how to reattach the netting and discovered the down pipe from the pan is loose and wiggly. They also put one under the hot water heater, it is solid. I am guessing the wiggly pipe is due to the washer walking and the pan rotating, but this suggests to me the seal between the pipe and pan is not stable or the pipe would simply have rotated in place along with the pan (that corner of the pan is naturally unable to move out of place). I have left voice mail asking the plumber to contact me, but they are popular and may be out of town for the summer working on houses in the area as I have not heard back. Is there some way I can check on this myself? Do I need to just keep trying to contact my guys? A leak under a pan is worse than a leak under a washer...also I need to fix up the insulation but don't want to until the wiggly pipe bit is resolved. Thanks for your help! M.

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