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Ok to bend black gas pipe?

I am in the process of remodeling a second floor bathroom in my house. It's an old house. There was no heat in the bathroom before, so I plan to add a small wall-mounted gas heater. I have run black gas pipe down from the bathroom, along the stack in a corner wall, and into the basement where I'll tie it into an existing gas line. It was hard to get the pipe to come out into the basement. I ended up (intentionally) bending a 45* angle about 8-10" up from the end of the pipe so the very end of it would poke out from inside the wall into the basement where I could see it and get a hold of it.

I'm happy with how running the pipe has turned out; I don't feel there is any issue there. I have just got to wondering if it was ok that I bent the pipe. Is there any issue/concern with bending black gas pipe? It's 1/2" pipe. It was hard to bend; it seems pretty stout. It is all indoors - along the basement ceiling, inside the wall, and in the bathroom floor.


Re: Ok to bend black gas pipe?

First, any addition to gas lines must be be permitted, inspected, tested and signed off.

Did you do that?

Your inspector will most likely disapprove a 45 degree bend in your rigid black pipe. Instead, he'll tell you to use ells and 45s.

Don't take gas lines lightly. Best to call a lic plumber. No kidding.

Re: Ok to bend black gas pipe?

I was just wondering if there was any legitimate safety concerns with bending the pipe. This isn't the first gas line I've run.


Re: Ok to bend black gas pipe?

One very simple reason; handling and tightening gas pipe is a serious workout. If you bend a pipe to install it and there is a leak later, there usually isn't any way to spin the bent pipe to tighten or repair.

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Re: Ok to bend black gas pipe?

follow dj's advice to the letter......gas + permit = safety and insurance coverage in case of an accident......gas + DIYer = potential disaster and no insurance coverage should something happen

and i'm quite confident that your bent pipe will get you a fail on the inspection

Re: Ok to bend black gas pipe?

Maybe I will replace the bent section then. Thanks

Re: Ok to bend black gas pipe?

Please do- solid gas piping is not meant to be bent at all and doing that will definitely weaken it. Whether that would ever be a problem with the low pressures involved I can't really say, but it's not the right way to change directions so I'd never do it. The potential harm of any problems with gas carries too big a risk to experiment with here. I've done my share of gas plumbing without permits etc but I had a good teacher and it was done right so I'm not worried, but then again I don't do that any more because of liability issues. I've got too much to lose now so I won't risk it.

Hypothetically, if I were to do such in my home it would have all been there just like that from the first time I saw the place as my official story, and there would have to be be nothing around which could contraindicate that such as any drawings or permits since that time, or I'd hire it done by someone licensed to do it just to cover my behind legally.


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