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nauseating smell in house... HELP

We have a smell in an old house we bought. It smells sweet and musty and is nauseating. I didn't notice it initially but once we heated the place with a wood stove and 2 electric baseboard heaters it really started to smell all the time. Is there a spe******t that could help us locate the source of the smell. It's a 200 year old house that has a septic tank and much of the original wood. The previous owners used alot of foam insulation to plug up any and all crevices, holes and cracks and there is a substantial amount of yellow insulation in the chimney around the insert for the wood stove. The bathroom also has an slight odor of sewage. My husband is replacing all of the windows and has painted the upstairs and has also added a small closet but nothing has helped with reducing the odor. We have used charcoal, an ozone purifier, and air fresheners. the basement smells musty but does not have the same sweet sickening smell that the first floor has. We are looking for a professional that can help us figure this out.....

Re: nauseating smell in house... HELP

What your describing in the bathroom sounds like sewer gas. The most common causes are traps that have dried out from not being used or a bad wax seal on the toilet. The first step would be to run water in all the bathroom fixtures. This will fill any traps that may have dried out. Next check the toilet to be sure it doesn't move were it's fastened to the floor. If there is any movement then I would pull the toilet and replace the wax seal.


Re: nauseating smell in house... HELP

I bet you also have dry rot, mold and mildew, possible pet odors and other sources of unpleasant smells.
It will be difficult to find, after all it's an old house, but you knew what you were buying.

Re: nauseating smell in house... HELP

Since the smell didn't show up until the stove was lit and baseboard heaters turned on....

Do you have a CO detector? Get a Nighthawk digital display so you can see the numbers before the alarm sounds.

Is it dust & gunk burning off the electric baseboard possibly? I know the first time the heater fired up in my bedroom when I was a kid it would have a sickening smell to it until the dust burned off.

Maybe a dead rodent getting "cooked"? I had that in the first house I bought. Red ground squirrels had taken up residence in the walls & ceiling while the place was empty for a couple years. One had died behind the rad on the enclosed porch and it took me a while to find it.

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