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Molding joints opening in winter

I’ve been installing crown molding, chair rail, and various other moldings in my house. I’m having a problem where the joints/seams/corners are opening up slightly in the heating season (winter) (see pictures). It definitely detracts from the look of the molding. I presume it’s because the wood molding dries out from the furnace being on. Is there some installation trick to prevent this from happening?

A. Spruce
Re: Molding joints opening in winter

Coping inside corners will help, there's not much you can do with scarf joints.

Re: Molding joints opening in winter

spruceys right. coping inside corners helps but you also should spring your molding.. which means to cut it slightly long so it will push tighter to the last peice. another thing is the material your using. mdf tends to be more stable than pine and other real wood trims. always run a light bead of latex caulk on your joints too so the paint wont crack

Re: Molding joints opening in winter

Thank you very much for your replies. I am going to try both of your methods. I'll let you know what happens after about a month after it is hung.

Thank you again

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