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Maytag A7500 stops spin cycle after 10 seconds. HELP!

Hello all:

I live in Spain, and my trusty Maytag A7500 top loader stops the spin cycle after about 10 seconds.

I'm not ready to give up on the old gal, because she's been my faithful Maytag for 23 years!

A few weeks ago she wouldn't spin at all, but the motor was running. So I got a belt replacement kit from the States and replaced the two drive belts, drum and pump. Adjusted the tension as shown on a repair video. So far so good.

So now, she goes through the wash/rinse cycles fine, but when spinning to drain the water she cuts out (Machine shuts down) after about 10 seconds. But, pump is working and water is flowing through drain tube fine until machine shuts off. I thought I might have the belts too tight, so I adjusted again. Still no joy.

I had a problem with the lid switch a few years back, and replaced that. I can still hear the little "click" so I don't think that's the problem.

More info:
1. I am running the test wash cycle with no clothes in the washer, just water. Unbalanced load?
2. I still have the front panel removed. Replace front panel first?
3. The motor is hot to the touch, and I do smell "heat" but not burning electrical. Hmmmm, bad things to come?
4. My machine was made in America, but converted to 220v/50hz at the factory. If it's the motor, I'm sunk, $300 at least to buy and ship that dead weight — even if I can find a 220v/50hz replacement — and time to buy a new machine.
5. Motor doesn't slide back and forth on tracks as much as it did before I replaced belts. Belts still too tight?
6. Even though machine has shut down, I can still hear the timer ticking away.

Washing machines are horrendously expensive over here, and miniscule, and take 2 hours to run a full cycle, so I am trying to give it one more chance before biting the bullet and opening my wallet.

Any help, PLEASE?


Re: Maytag A7500 stops spin cycle after 10 seconds. HELP!

Can you bypass the lid switch just to make sure it is still working properly. A small jumper wire should do it or pull off the switch and connect the 2 wires.

Re: Maytag A7500 stops spin cycle after 10 seconds. HELP!

How do you know that your machine is a "she"?

Anyway, "it" is on life support, even if you manage to prolong its life a bit. Time for a new machine.

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