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Loose cast iron washer drain pipe

My house was built around 1965 or so and has a washer drain pipe that is about 36" long.last nite my wife goes down to laundry room to take clothes out of washer and there is a small puddle of water on floor,couldnt figure out what caused it until she washed another load and i watched water come out around where pipe meets stack in floor.i tried to wiggle to see how loose it is and couldnot get it to budge.can someone please tell me what kind of material was possibly used to seal the connection?and what do i use to reseal and how to get it out ? Thanks

Re: Loose cast iron washer drain pipe

Those connections are made with molten lead. To make the repair, you'll need an acetylene torch. Propane, butane, LP, won't get hot enough to re-melt the lead and heat the pipe some. If you can rent an Acetylene tank and torch, great, but this can take an experienced touch. You'll have to keep the pipe from moving when the lead gets soft. Strap or block it into place away from the heat.

Know a retired plumber who has an acetlyene tank and a spare 10 minutes?

Re: Loose cast iron washer drain pipe

If the home was built in 1965 I don't think there leaded joints. If it is cast iron it is more then likely the joints are rubber donuts or it is no hub cast iron that would have stainless steel bands as joints. In any case I doubt the joint is leaking. Are you sure is not the stand pipe overflowing? This could be caused by a partial stoppage in the line.


Re: Loose cast iron washer drain pipe

If the joint is sealed with lead, you can sometimes get it to seal by packing the lead in tighter with a drift and hammer.

How to tell if it's a lead seal: where the pipe enters the fitting, the fitting is about 3/4" larger radius all the way around the pipe, and may be recessed right next to the pipe.

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