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The water company says I have a leak in my house, I have had 2 plumbing company's out neither can find a leak. All they say is it is on the hot side. When they close water off to the water heater the meter stops running. Can a faulty water heater cause this. I have had an increase in power bill but thought it was due to the cold weather here in the south. My meter reading went from 4000 usage to 36000 usage.

Timothy Miller
Re: leak

Howdy if you turn the supply off to the water heater and the meter stops running then the leak is in the line from the water heater out to a fixture. The water heater would have running water out of it either at the bottom or at the pressure release valve if it was leaking. Are the pipes run in a concrete slab?

Re: leak

I hope this helps you out. I have located slab leaks for over 20 years. So take this advise for what you will. What your Plumber was doing was splitting the domestic or potable water system in two parts hot and cold. That is why he turned the water off at the water heater. This is where the hot system starts. By doing this if you are in a slab built structure he has isolated this to under the structure. Unless you have an addition or add on that would require hot water to go to another structure. How a plumber would located this would be to listen to the hot side valves at you fixtures. Based on the sound register he can find out a general area of the leak as to which end of the home. After this he can energize the pipes under the structure and locate there location. At this point he can use listening equipment and follow the paths of the lines from manifold to manifold and listen for sonic register. The next step would be to charge the hot side of the system with air at a presure of anywhere from 1 psi to 20 or more psi depending on the system. Caution if you do this with PVC you have voided the warranty and this could be dangerous. Your plumber will then listen again for a sound register. This should put him in the general area to make the repairs. Leak detection and locating is a learned art be careful of who you chose. If you would like to know more you can look at this website http://mytxplumber.com/ . If you have questions you can call me at 972-513-6300. I am a licensed master plumber I would answer any question you have by phone for free. I am not trying to charge you anything I stay busy on my own. Make sure when you get this fixed that you know your plumber has insurance and hold the proper licenses. Also make sure they do these kinds of repair on a daily basis. I have been to many houses that the homeowner did not have a leak or the leak was on the other side of the home from where another plumbing company told the home owner. The homeowners called us after 2 or 3 holes and no eak found. I hope this helps you and good luck.

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