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Layers of walls, no insulation

I have been working on an old family owned house that has fallen into disrepair. I'm not sure the folks that took care of it knew what they were doing. Here's what I have.

From inside to outside:
Plaster walls, empty space (2x4 equivalent), wood siding, foam board(probably 1/2 inch or less), and finally vinyl siding. I'm thinking of how to insulate the walls There is absolutely no insulation in the house; I'm planning to blow in the attic. The house is located in Charlotte, NC. The house is 1000 sq. ft.

My bill for heat at a mere 55 degrees was just under 100 bucks last month. My question is this: Should I even bother insulating the walls at all? I'm interested in the pour foam process, I've heard blown fiberglass in the wall is a bad idea. I suppose I could pull batts through from top to bottom but that would be alot of work. God knows I don't want to do any of this from the plaster side.

The upside of this house is during the summer, with no AC, the house stays comfortable (thanks in no small part to some big shade trees). If anybody has some general advice on this topic I would greatly appreciate it.

Re: Layers of walls, no insulation

Sounds like a good candidate for blown in cellulose.

Re: Layers of walls, no insulation

I have read a lot of info claiming blow in insulation in walls will get damp from moisture and settle over time. Of course with the multiple layers of wall coverings, I guess it may not get moist very easily. Either way though, I'm hitting the attic first and the walls second. Can't afford to do it all in one pass anyway.

Re: Layers of walls, no insulation

About 5 years ago the wife's sister and husband decided on celloulose for their place. The installer had told them with the denser packed installation there is far less settlement than the fluffed blow in used in the past. So far they are quite pleased and comfy.

Re: Layers of walls, no insulation

You need to find a good insulation contractor. A major source of heat loss is air leakage. The ceiling needs to be sealed before insulation is added. The wall insulation needs to be dense packed. Requires inserting a tube in the wall and pumping in densely. Will not settle if done this way and moisture should not be a problem if air transport is stopped.

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