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Insulation Installation

Read through step-by-step tutorials to help you prepare for any installation pertaining to your insulation.

Choosing and using foam insulation at home

How to Choose and Use Foam Insulation

This Old House general contractor Tom Silva explains the wide world of spray-foam insulation.

How to Install Insulation

Learn how to beef up your wall's weather protection in 4 easy steps.

Choosing the right insulation

Things to Know About Choosing Insulation

Ask This Old House general contractor Tom Silva discusses the options for insulation with host Kevin O’Connor

ASK S7 E7, sealing windows and doors for winter

How to Seal Windows and Doors for Winter

Tom Silva shows you how to keep cold air from coming through windows and doors.

Adding Attic Insulation

Can you blow insulation over existing insulation? How much is enough? We answer these questions and more.