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kitchen vent stack

We have a kitchen vent stack that stops at the kitchen. It doesn't go to the roof. We live in an apartment building in England and was wondering if this is right? We have strong odor problems coming from the kitchen sink after running hot water down the sink, and sometimes after running the dishwasher. No plumbers can seem to figure out what is causing it except maybe the dishwasher doesnt have a vent on it? We rent so trying to get anything done has been a nightmare. Just wanted to get another opinion about this stack because I had one plumber tell me that it is ok because it is sealed there? I thought they had to vent? Just been worried it could be sewer fumes coming through since its not vented to the roof. Thank you for any replies.

Re: kitchen vent stack

you are correct. the vent stack need to go to fresh air away from any window or door by 10' or so. from the vent is the sewer gas relased from. so if it an pipe that goes up the wall into the attic or whatever, then you are filling the attic up with sewer gases.

now if the sink has a Studor Vent (an air admittance device) on the drain pipe, that is okay. and the dishwaser is connected to your kitchen drain line as well. make sure there is a p-trap and the water seal (the water in the p-trap) is good, The water seal keeps the sewer gases from comming up the drain piping. If thisthere is no studor vent and the vent pipe doesn't terminate on the roof you can call your local building department and ask for what department you need to get this fixed. It is a matter of personal safety. Good luck. Proccess of elimination.

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