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Insulating Aluminum Frame

Hello, I need advice on insulating the aluminum frame for our living room solarium. We have already replaced all of the windows but the frame is not insulated at all and just conducts heat right out of the apt and into the sky.

The solarium dates back to the mid 1980s and we quickly replaced all the windows in the roughly 12x8 sunroom because most of the glass was foggy and seemed like a poor insulator. While this helped with appearance, we then more dollars on shades to keep the sun out during the hot summer days (Southern exposure). In our first winter, we quickly learned that the aluminum frame was going to be a bigger problem! The frame is ice cold on chilly nights and creates such a strong draft that it is uncomfortable to sit in our LR without plugging in a space heater to blow directly on our heads.

I am constantly trying to think of ways to combat the heat lose and my wife is tired of me talk about insulation, thermal guns and radiant tubing with strangers. Some options I am considering are drilling holes into the aluminum frame and filling with insualtor foam although I don;t knwo if this will help with hat loss since there would not be a barrier from the frame to the inside/outside. Also this could creature mold problems wihtin the frame from condensation. Should i put insulation ont he frame directly and then build a shell around that to create a buffer?

I am desperate for a solution so i can enjoy my home, thank you.

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