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Hydronic panel heater plumbing strategy

I'm having a new boiler installed to replace my forced hot air system. Instead of baseboard heaters, I'm planning to use some Veha panel radiators. There will also be a toekick heater in the kitchen.

These all use a relatively small diameter inlet and discharge. It seems the two options are

1) a simple series loop with monoflow tees to go from 3/4" down to 1/2", supplying from and returning to the same 3/4" circuit.
2) run both a supply and return line around to each unit.

It seems like option 2 makes more sense, but I thought I'd see if anyone had other thoughts on this.


Re: Hydronic panel heater plumbing strategy


Hard to tell from here what should be done in this case.

A lot would depend on the size of the house, how many rads involved and the heat loss calculations for each of the rooms.

Many of the standard piping options in the U.S. are designed for traditional hw baseboard or hw radiators; these usually have the same shape, size & hold mostly the same amount of water, not so with many types of stainless steel rads.

The stainless steel rads you refer to are more popular in Europe which I'm not familiar with.

Some of these large rads can have wide variances in the amt of water they hold, and thus how long it takes them to heat up & then heat the room.

If the installer can't help, try visiting your local heating supply stores to see if they have recommended piping diagrams for these units.

Hydronic Alternatives is based in Mass., sells these items & can probably help.

Veha has a technical assist hotline in NH at 1-800-639-2021

Please post back to let us know about what you learn about the piping requirements for these interesting components.

The piping loops can get complicated, with balancing valves often needed to make sure all convectors get their share of the heat produced and pumped from the boiler.

The heat output of the stainless steel rad(s) also has to be matched with the size of the room and its heat loss per hour.



Re: Hydronic panel heater plumbing strategy

I finally followed up on this with the VEHA rep. They recommend a two-pipe reverse-return setup. I think this will work well for me. I'll only have 3 of these radiators, plus a toe-kick heater in my kitchen.


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