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How to seal basement walls?

The concrete walls in my basement are crumbling off. What could I use to seal them and then apply sheetrock? any advice would be helpful.

Re: How to seal basement walls?

Can you tell us a little more about your home?

Is this area below grade?

Have the walls been tested for moisture content?

Will this be in a heated /cooled space?

Where is this house located?

Re: How to seal basement walls?

I think it's safe to say that you have leaks.

Before you have drywall delivered/brought to the house, you HAVE to make sure your basement is water tight and the concrete walls are in proper condition.

To do that, get in touch with concrete/foundation contractors.

Re: How to seal basement walls?

I'm going to check and reply back. Thanks!

Re: How to seal basement walls?

It is below grade. We did not check for moisture and it will be heated and cooled.

Re: How to seal basement walls?

Properly done concrete lasts 100+ years so if it isn't still in perfect shape you've got other issues to deal with before going any further. Hopefully the concrete was mixed, poured, and finished properly- it usually is as that's not rocket science or expensive to do. If it wasn't you need to sell and move now since the fix for those is removal and replacement, huge headaches and expenses! Below grade automatically makes me think 'water' since that's where it is too. And if there's so much water that it's affecting the structure of concrete that's serious business and not something to just be covered up.

Find the cause of the concrete failure then we can help with remedy's; we can discuss the sheetrock after that ;)


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