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Hot Water Heating System Lifespan?

What is the lifespan of forced hot water heating systems in condo buildings? Right now I'm looking at a condo that was built in 1968 and contains a hot water heating system (41 years old).

Thanks for any insight.

Re: Hot Water Heating System Lifespan?

Generally the lines and radiators don't wear out and I've seen boilers still in operation after 70 years. Boilers usually get replace to upgrade efficiency.

Re: Hot Water Heating System Lifespan?


Forty one years is long in the tooth for most HW systems--is it oil-fired or gas-fired??

Oil-fired will require an annual cleaning and burner parts replacement---figure $300-$500/heating season plus fuel costs to keep it clean & running in good shape.

A unit that old may well contain a number of parts that are hard to find---boilers always fail at the worst possible time, the coldest nite of the year on a weekend.

Can you provide a make and model # for the boiler---some of them that old were converted from coal burners & are likely very inefficient in the way they burn fuel.

After all the above is said, I still feel that a HW boiler is the best heating system to have.


Re: Hot Water Heating System Lifespan?

Thanks for the information, JLMCDANIEL and NashuaTech.

I'm visiting the building and condo unit with a realtor in a couple of days, so hopefully I'll have more information about the heating system then. I'll also have to contact the condo board to see if they have done a reserve fund study on upkeep of the aging heating system. Assumedly, annual maintenance of the boiler is being performed. I'll post more details when I have them.

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