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Held Identifying my old insulation

I have searched and searched and searched some more but cannot find the answer I am looking for. What kind of insulation is in my house? I am currently re-siding my house and removing the "compressed paper" sheeting (~3/4" thick and removing the insulation for new insulation and new OSB sheeting prior to the siding.

Now insulation is a black "bag" that seems to be made of tar paper. Inside this bag is a redish fibery material that looks almost like sawdust.

I am concerned, as it is very brittle to remove and concerned if this may contain asbestos or other bad stuff.

Any help would be appreciated!!!

Re: Held Identifying my old insulation

You may be discribbing Vermiculite insulation. I suggest you start with http://www.epa.gov/asbestos/pubs/insulation.html#Grades


Re: Held Identifying my old insulation

Took the gamble and started taking out the old insulation. after removing around 100 square feet of the extremely brittle stuff, I found a logo.

Turns out the stuff is "Balsam Wool" insulation from Weyerhaeuser Forest Products - "Completely sealed against moisture / Guaranteed Insulation".

From what I could find, this does not contain any asbestos. It is wood fibers (saw dust) with a Borax based fire retardant added.

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